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Ancient Approach to  Beauty Inside-Out

Change your perception of beauty forever!


Let's dive into true deep-rooted dimensions and forces that work deep within to give a smooth flawless skin, lustrous hair, endless energy, vitality, radiance, calm and joy all-in-one!


11 April 2021

6 p.m. IST

Online on ZOOM

Free Workshop

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What is Pranic Beauty?


Pranic Beauty is an Art and Science of Looking, Living and Feeling Beautiful, Radiant, Energetic and Joyous Inside-Out. It is a deep-rooted phenomenon of wholeness that considers body-mind approach to radiance.

Svarasya's 5-dimensional Beauty Philosphy

What will I learn?

  • Deep-rooted ancient and surface-level modern viewpoints on beauty.

  • Myths about beauty that emerged with the advent of skincare industry.

  • Svarasya’s five dimensions of deep-rooted beauty that begins at pranic level.

  • Connection between beauty and foods, body, mind and spirituality.

  • Powerful information on how you can transform each cell at any age to naturally fade away those aging signs by learning to eat and live right.

  • Wholesome ancient approach to beauty inside-out.

  • Practical tips, techniques and takeaways on foods, rituals, practices, bodywork that pave the path for deep-rooted beauty.

Bonus Takeaways

  • Svarasya’s Pranic Beauty Smoothie Recipe that supports pranic flow.

  • Dietary approach to beauty based on food energetics

  • Daily practices that build beauty from within.

  • Connection between beauty and foods, body, mind and spirituality.

  • Access to private Facebook group to be a part of pranic beauty revolution.

  • 3 lucky winners win Svarasya ancient skincare products and a book.


What people say


“Deepti has extremely good understanding of very subtle aspects of energy body and ancient Yogic practices. She has deep understanding of how human emotions co-relate with practical life solutions, and provides solutions which are purely based on time-tested ancient wisdom. They are original, scientific and rare found gems in superficial world.” 


—  Himani Malhotra

The 5 Dimensions

1. Nourish

Food is energy holding irresistible power to make you look and feel like a goddess. Foods are energy transmitted at certain frequency. Our liveliness, vibrancy and vitality is an outcome of this energetic frequency transmitted through foods and this idea of foods is very different from narrow approach of counting calories and proteins in diet.

Chickpea Salad
Making Fruit Salad

2. Bodywork

Movement, flow, selfcare and skincare are deep-rooted aspects of bodywork dimension that collectively keep you clean, flexible and moving inside out. Our body needs practices and rituals along with most natural skincare that stimulate internal organs and creates movement and flow. This improves circulation and oxygenates us to enhance our best beauty potential.

Yoga Class
Hands Clasped in Yoga Posture

3. Emotions

Emotions can make you or break you and it is absolutely true at the level of your beauty too! A happy face is naturally radiant and beautiful in its most natural form. What are emotions to do with beauty? Just observe that negative thought that just crossed over your mind, it came with a wave of changing chemical and hormonal reactions making skin and hair deprived of its beauty nutrition!   

Happy Teens
Happy Woman

4. Self-Realization

Some people are just too attractive beyond words. Ever heard of Spiritual beauty or ever seen someone with a bright aura and irresistible radiance? Spiritual beauty begins with your connection with yourself and with your alignment with nature. Rituals, practices and lifestyle aligned in accordance to nature, creates a phenomenon that naturally makes you feel, look and live with a magnetic appeal.

Breathing Meditation
Thinking of Ideas

5. Energy

Energy or life-force fuels your radiance, vitality and liveliness quotient that makes us bloom like Life force or energy is deeply affected by our foods, daily habits, rituals, practices and emotions. Refined and processed foods, disturbed sleep cycle, chronic negative emotions of worry block pranic energy to rob you of your magnetic appeal. Practices that take you towards satvic way of life support prana and make you at your peak beauty vibration. This potential is within all of us, we just need to learn to tap-into our pranic essence for everlasting beauty.

Iyengar Yoga
Yoga at Home

About Svarasya

Svarasya Logo.webp

Svarasya is India’s first beauty and selfcare education platform. It is a revolutionary ancient beauty, skincare and selfcare brand that looks beyond skin and extends horizons to the depths of foods, body functioning, lifestyle, ancient practices, rituals, emotions, thoughts, consciousness and much more as a whole to define beauty at the pranic level.

We offer products, services, information, tools, tips, education and programs to create awareness about deep-rooted beauty that is beyond ‘one-product-miracle’ approach. .

Our approach to beauty is driven from ancient knowledge of Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Macrobiotics and Yogic philosophy. Svarasya’s five dimensional beauty approach has emerged over years of experience and knowledge in ancient approach to foods, nutrition, yoga, rituals, practices, emotional health and much more.

Pranic Beauty is an ancient holistic approach to beauty coming from teachings of global ancient cultures. We have organized this valuable knowledge and put it together in five dimensional beauty philosophy shared with you as a series of Pranic Beauty workshops, programs, webinars, videos, podcast, youtube, facebook and instagram channels.

About the Fecilitator


Deepti Sehgal is the founder of Svarasya, an internationally certified Macrobiotic and alkaline diet & lifestyle consultant. She is among very few Macrobiotic practitioners in India. She is a qualified nutritionist, certified raw and living foods nutritionist, master’s degree holder in Yoga and science of living, certified yoga teacher with expertise in Yin yoga, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda lifestyle coach. She is also the author of ‘Body & Mind Transformation the Ancient Way’.

Deepti is highly passionate about the idea of deep-rooted pranic beauty and her five dimensional approach to beauty is an outcome of her years of knowledge and practice in world’s ancient life sciences. Her dietary, selfcare and wellness approach is rooted in the idea of wholesomeness and oneness with self and nature. Her practice is a medley of ancient food and lifestyle practices driven from her education in Macrobiotics, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Yoga philosophy.


"All Magic Begins Deep Within"


Dive-in into the Depths of Everlasting Beauty

Step-In Into the Divine World of Selfcare with Svarasya

Be a pranic beauty that shines through inside out!

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