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Improve Your Lung Health Today!

With Kerry Loeb, renowned barefoot shiatsu expert for 20+ years

Come, discover this jackpot of health and beauty!

The functionality of the lungs is deeply connected with the immune response, skin health and large intestine function. This phenomenal session by Kerry will guide you on most powerful and effective ways possible to boost the immune system with inside-out lung care.


2 Hours

Of Coaching

Mar 26, 2022

9 pm IST

8:30 am Pacific Time 10:30 am Central Time 11:30 am Eastern Time


Suzie Shimmon 

I am really enthusiastic about finishing the self-massage class because I can feel it so strongly in my body when I do the massage techniques. Every-time I feel a change by the end of the work and the change that I feel feels so good. A warm sense of wellbeing and energy flowing all around.

The Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) understanding of lungs goes beyond seeing lungs merely as a breathing organ, it encompasses an understanding of the lung function in relation to nose, sinuses, immunity, elimination, and skin related concerns.

Learn to take back control of your immunity and beauty in this free webinar with Kerry Loeb, an international expert in Shiatsu Self-Massage expert from Mexico


Hear from 

Kerry Loeb

“I am very much looking forward to teaching you the best natural and ancient healing techniques I have learned over the last 40 years to keep your Lung function operating at an optimal level, so that you can prevent external pathogens (colds, flus, viruses) from entering your body.”

About This Approach

Lung-Large Intestine Meridian Connection: The Lungs-Large Intestine meridian channel and the related acupoints are deeply associated with a strong immune function. Weakness in lungs or in the pathway of the lung meridian leads to weakened immunity, and during these pandemic times, learning to take care of this pathway can be a strong solution to building your defenses within.

Health and Skin Conditions Arising Out of Blocked Lung-Large Intestine Meridian: Since the lungs and Large Intestine meridian supports elimination, if this meridian network is clogged, the toxins try to find their way out through the skin causing dull complexion, sunken cheeks, lifeless face, dryness, changes in skin color and lack of radiance. The condition also manifests in lung & large intestine concerns showing up as shortness of breath, inflammation in lungs, mucus conditions, prolonged coughing, chronic bronchitis, and pneumonia, weakness in voice, headache, constipation, digestive disorders, mood swings and even cloudy thinking. Working on this channel opens the doors for building health at the foundational level.

Power of Breathing Right: Breathing techniques for expanding lung capacity supports toxin removal while also filling the  body with ample oxygen that strengthens the immune response.

Diet to Support Lung Health: Diet plays a major role in supporting or destroying lung health. Sticky, mucus-causing foods can destroy the soft lung tissues and cause stagnation that may culminate in a weak lung condition over time. Knowing an effective dietary approach to help release any stagnation/blockage in the Lung area is the first step to building great immunity.

Relationship between Emotions and Lung Health: Do you know sadness manifests in the  lungs which is very visible in the sobbing response coming out of the lungs when one cries out from the heart due to deep grief. Learn how best to manage the negative emotions that may accompany a lung imbalance or weakness.

Lifestyle to Maintain Free Flow of Prana in Lungs: Lifestyle tips on how to facilitate and maintain a strong and free flow of energy in the lung-Large intestine meridian.

Traditional Home Remedies for Preventive Lung Care: Traditional home remedies to protect and clear the lungs have been used in all ancient cultures. Learning these easy-to-do yet powerful home remedies can support lung health during these critical times.

Self-Massage Techniques to Strengthen Lung-Large Intestine Meridian: Self massage is the most underrated yet most powerful approach to strengthen lung health as it allows the energy to flow freely in the lung-large intestine meridian channel. Learn these ancient self-massage blockage-opening techniques to strengthen this this network and support immunity.

Learn with Kerry

What meridian acupoints are the most powerful for a strong immune function?

Breathing techniques for expanding lung power and expelling toxins.

Traditional home remedies to protect and clear the lungs

Foods that nourish lungs and dietary tips to help release any stagnation/blockage in the lung area

Self-massage techniques to strengthen this network

Lifestyle tips on how to facilitate and maintain a strong and free flow of energy in the lung-large intestine meridian channel

Learning to best manage the negative emotions that may accompany a lung imbalance or weakness

Other benefits of this practice

About Kerry Loeb

Kerry Loeb, who is a Barefoot Shiatsu expert for more than 20 years. Kerry learnt the classic Barefoot Shiatsu technique 35 years ago during a 7-year apprenticeship with Shizuko Yamamoto, the world-renowned teacher of Shiatsu Barefoot & self-massage. Kerry has taught this very popular technique for over 25 years in San Francisco Bay area, and at other locations. He was a health/lifestyle counselor for 20 years and continues to teach Barefoot Shiatsu classes on Zoom. He has developed a comprehensive online health program at

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