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Ageless Living with Ancient Healing Practices!

‘Youvana - The Ageless’ by Svarasya is an experiential ancient lifestyle online studio with focus on ageless living. This space has emerged from our innate desire to impart knowledge and experience on ageless living at body, mind and consciousness level. Youvana ecosystem is all about knowledge-sharing and living a traditional lifestyle driven from medley of worldly timeless wisdom of Yoga, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Macrobiotics, Qi Gong and Raw, Alkaline & Living Foods philosophy. At Youvana studio, we share this timeless wisdom in the form of ageless living online sessions, Yoga and Ayurveda classes, themed health, beauty and cooking classes, community support and much more. At this divine space, you learn and live a way of life to regain ‘Youvana’ – the Youth, living by the ‘RIT ‘ – the universal order of healing and agelessness. Realize the divinity of your innate potential to remain ageless! Step-in into the divine world of selfcare with Youvana by Svarasya! 

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An ayurvedic spread
Yoga Class
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Traditional Chinese Medicine
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Guided Meditation
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Hear From Our Community

Yes, this really is phenomenal and truly holistic! Have read Gita before, but today you gave a whole unique perspective. Will try to inculcate all the things you just said. 

- Neha Gosula

Our Ideology

Deepti Sehgal is the founder of Svarasya and is deeply passionate about awakening and empowering people on how to live their best life ever. She emphasizes much on the importance of being connected to our innate healing powers to heal inside-out. She strongly believes our body-mind complex is one and deeply impact each other.

Deepti brings her passion of educating about ‘Ageless Living’ to life with ‘Youvana the ageless’ ancient lifestyle online studio, a knowledge space by Svarasya, to impart awareness about ways to live your best wellness potential with right dietary choices, right lifestyle practices conscious selfcare techniques and a positive outlook. Her ideology of ‘Ageless Living’ is based on the principles of global ancient wisdom driven from her knowledge and experience of 10+ years in global ancient sciences.

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