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Ever noticed that glow after an hour-long yoga class or after a run in a lush green zone?

Is this by chance?

Definitely not!

It is

because of 


"So, you mean Exercise?"

It's way more than just that.

It is about connecting with your deepest self and understanding how closely humans operate as per the subtle laws of nature. Our bodywork, breathwork, selfcare and sleep cycle to attain a state of internal balance with stimulated organs yet relaxed nerves. When these systems are in order, your beauty reflects outwards at its peak capacity! Maintaining physical beauty and body is way beyond a gym routine or a fitness regime. You ought to attain balance between activity & rest cycles. When you understand these mechanics, not just body but the mind also becomes ageless!

Svarasya’s Second Dimension of Beauty - Bodywork

Bodywork, Svarasya’s beauty dimension #2 is everything about the body and its working mechanism to ensure organ systems work at its peak capacity and the cells get nourished deeply with nutrition and oxygen as a result of optimal organ functioning. The more we understand the technical and energetic functioning of our body, the better we connect with our own selves. That wisdom unites to create a wholesome framework of beauty, health and wellness.

1. Nourish

2. Bodywork

3. Emotions

Svarasya's 5-dimensional Beauty Philosphy

5. Energy

4. Self-Realization

Image by Eneko Uruñuela

Bodywork Beyond Exercise & Fitness for Beauty

This 1.5 hour of Online Zoom Workshop will change your perception of moving and taking care of your beauty forever. You will learn the art and science of smooth flawless skin, lustrous hair, endless energy, vitality, radiance, calm, and joy by understand how cycles or activity, rest, selfcare and skincare work in-co-ordination to make us ageless.


8th May 2021

 5:30 pm IST


Online on Zoom

Free Workshop

Online Event

Practice From Home

What will I learn?

  • Body systems that have a key role to play in your beauty and appearance.

  • Modern approach to fitness and how it may ultimately trigger aging.

  • Yogic & Ayurvedic understanding of bodywork

  • How five limbs of bodywork including movement & flow, selfcare, skincare, breathwork & sleep create deep-rooted beauty?

  • How body cleansing supports bodywork?

  • Systems that get activated with bodywork that make you radiant inside-out.

  • Ancient Ayurveda and Yogic practices that support bodywork for beauty.

  • Breathing practices that support bodywork.

  • How bodywork aligns with nature’s rhythms & your own rhythms so deeply.

  • Your morning-evening routine to support bodywork.

  • How deep relaxation supports beauty.

  • How your daily routine matters to create deep-rooted beauty at body-mind level?

  • Dark facts about skincare & external bodywork & the right approach.

  • The beauty sleep & the science behind it.

  • Bodywork framework for beauty.

Bonus Takeaways

  • Pranayam practices that support beauty and helps reverse aging

  • Exercising and selfcare approach for everlasting beauty

  • Answers to your queries about Pranic Beauty. Please send in your queries to us on

  • Access to private facebook group to be a part of pranic beauty revolution.

  • Two Lucky Winners win Svarasya ancient skincare products and a book


What people say

Neeru Chugh

My takeaway from your workshop is face is the mirror of what is going on inside the body specially digestive tract from TCM perspective inside will be evidant on the face.


— Neeru Chugh

The Science of Bodywork

Bodywork is a phenomenon that considers balance between movement, flow, rest, breath and sleep as components working hand in hand to optimize your system for peak performance. This harmony results in a radiant persona that you are! The idea is to let the internal juices flowing by adopting dynamic body movements through the day whether it be long walks, skipping, twists or stretches. Ultimately if we try to understand the role of bodywork in beauty, it is all about stimulating blood circulation to increase the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the cells. The radiant burst of energy with right nutrients and oxygen reaching the cells is a state of smooth, clear, radiant skin on the outside. The other aspect of bodywork is to induce body to purge out respiratory toxins in the form of carbon-di-oxide, and pull-in more fresh oxygen into the system.

From the Fecilitator

After years of understanding about the depth of beauty inside-out, this aspect has become my most cherished aspect of all beauty dimensions. Foods serve one-sided aspect of feeding body what it needs, however, what equally matters is whether the body is being stimulated and twisted enough to get the deep-lying, sticky toxins out of the system.

Until I began yoga, I never knew how tough these toxins can be, and how many years these may take to exit your body even when you start to twist & turn your body in asanas that can stimulate the deepest tissues. The key is to begin somewhere!


About Svarasya

Svarasya Logo.webp

Svarasya is India’s first beauty and selfcare education platform. It is a revolutionary ancient beauty, skincare and selfcare brand that looks beyond skin and extends horizons to the depths of foods, body functioning, lifestyle, ancient practices, rituals, emotions, thoughts, consciousness and much more as a whole to define beauty at the pranic level.

We offer products, services, information, tools, tips, education and programs to create awareness about deep-rooted beauty that is beyond ‘one-product-miracle’ approach. .

Our approach to beauty is driven from ancient knowledge of Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Macrobiotics and Yogic philosophy. Svarasya’s five dimensional beauty approach has emerged over years of experience and knowledge in ancient approach to foods, nutrition, yoga, rituals, practices, emotional health and much more.

Pranic Beauty is an ancient holistic approach to beauty coming from teachings of global ancient cultures. We have organized this valuable knowledge and put it together in five dimensional beauty philosophy shared with you as a series of Pranic Beauty workshops, programs, webinars, videos, podcast, youtube, facebook and instagram channels.


About the Fecilitator


Deepti Sehgal is the founder of Svarasya, an internationally certified Macrobiotic and alkaline diet & lifestyle consultant. She is among very few Macrobiotic practitioners in India. She is a qualified nutritionist, certified raw and living foods nutritionist, master’s degree holder in Yoga and science of living, certified yoga teacher with expertise in Yin yoga, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda lifestyle coach. She is also the author of ‘Body & Mind Transformation the Ancient Way’.

Deepti is highly passionate about the idea of deep-rooted pranic beauty and her five dimensional approach to beauty is an outcome of her years of knowledge and practice in world’s ancient life sciences. Her dietary, selfcare and wellness approach is rooted in the idea of wholesomeness and oneness with self and nature. Her practice is a medley of ancient food and lifestyle practices driven from her education in Macrobiotics, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Yoga philosophy.


"All Magic Begins Deep Within"


Dive-in into the Depths of Everlasting Beauty

Step-In Into the Divine World of Selfcare with Svarasya

Be a pranic beauty that shines through inside out!

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