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Acupressure Facelift Course

Learn to take back the control of your beauty in this course with Kerry Loeb, an international expert in ‘Acupressure Facelift Self-Massage’ practice.


2 Hours

Of Coaching


The symptoms of ageing on the face reveal a deeper story.

Wrinkles, dull skin, acne, pigmentation, undereye dark circles, sagging skin and shapeless face-cut is an outward manifestation of what’s going on within.

Do you wish to reverse back those aging signs on your face and look and feel more radiant?


Come, learn how in this phenomenal session with

Kerry Loeb

​This practice will impart a Botox-like effect, naturally, on the face to make you look and feel much younger and reopen the flow of energy along the energy channels of the body to leave you with a youthful face and energetic persona.

About This Approach

Acupressure Facelift Self-Massage, also referred to as non-surgical facelift, is an ancient healing technique that makes you feel and look much younger while affecting deeper levels of healing at the same time. It is an approach that opens energetic blockages at the level of organ systems to reduce, alleviate and prevent wrinkles, blemishes, sagging skin and other early aging signs. 

Acupressure Facelift Self-Massage is performed using the magic of your own hands on the face to deeply impact the inside. It releases blocked energy channels and revitalizes the body and mind.  The inside-out approach has to do with the theory that our face contains a map of everything that is going on deep inside the body. Thus, the condition of your internal organs is directly related to the condition of your face. 

This approach is based on ‘Do-In’ practice, which is a form of Japanese energy massage. It believes if the "Qi" (the vital life force) is flowing freely, no internal and external health conditions arise. It is only if the energy is not flowing freely, the early symptoms of imbalance start to manifest as early signs of aging. If these early signs are ignored, more deep-rooted conditions develop overtime.

Since beauty & youthfulness is a deep rooted phenomenon associated with organ and organ meridian health, Acupressure Facelift Self-Massage approach helps to reduce, alleviate and diminish wrinkles, blemishes, sagging skin and other signs of aging with the stimulation of specific meridian points that when performed regularly impact deeper at the level of organ health which directly shows-up on how your face looks as you age.

Learn with Kerry

What is Acupressure Facelift Self-Massage?

What does it take to do this practice for age reversal on the face?

What are meridians and how meridian imbalances create aging signs on the face?

How massaging, stimulating, stretching certain areas on the face and head impacts facial beauty?

How conditions on the face co-relate to meridian and organ imbalances?

How to self-diagnose the current state of inner health by identifying the correlative areas on the face?  

How spending just a few minutes each day on this practice creates more beautiful and youthful look. 

Other benefits of this practice

About Kerry Loeb

Kerry Loeb, who is a Barefoot Shiatsu expert for more than 20 years. Kerry learnt the classic Barefoot Shiatsu technique 35 years ago during a 7-year apprenticeship with Shizuko Yamamoto, the world-renowned teacher of Shiatsu Barefoot & self-massage. Kerry has taught this very popular technique for over 25 years in San Francisco Bay area, and at other locations. He was a health/lifestyle counselor for 20 years and continues to teach Barefoot Shiatsu classes on Zoom. He has developed a comprehensive online health program at


Suzie Shimmon 

I am really enthusiastic about finishing the self-massage class because I can feel it so strongly in my body when I do the massage techniques. Every-time I feel a change by the end of the work and the change that I feel feels so good. A warm sense of wellbeing and energy flowing all around.

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