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The Essence of Youvana

The essence of Youvana lies in understanding the universal and divine forces, aligning thyself to the nature’s rhythms, understanding body systems the TCM way, walking the yogic path and practicing Ayurveda rituals, cleansing the naturopathic way, understanding Macrobiotic dietary principles, knowing one’s unique prakriti, aligning with seasonal and moon rhythms, mindful living, conscious selfcare, energy-enhancing exercising, understanding ancient teachings and feeding body and mind with pranic foods. 

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Live a Youvana-Lifestyle!

Youvana is a space to experience being ageless that begins with connecting with thyself at physical, mental, emotional & spiritual level, reflecting inwards with awareness and becoming insightful. From this space of true knowing emerges your youthful transformation. 

Youvana ecosystem is all about sharing, implementing, and experiencing the power of living a traditional lifestyle driven from a medley of worldly timeless wisdom of Yoga, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Macrobiotics, Qi Gong and Raw, Alkaline & Living Foods philosophy. At the studio, we share this timeless approach to agelessness in the form of:

  • Highly knowledgeable webinars and workshops

  • Intensive & specialized yoga sessions

  • Educational Ayurveda programs

  • Transformational ancient living live programs

  • Ancient healing challenges

  • Sessions on energy science

  • Traditional cookery classes  

Realize the divinity of your youth and your innate potential to remain ageless; Step-in into the divine world of selfcare with Youvana by Svarasya!


What is Agelessness?


The quality of being timeless and eternal.

"Step-in into the divine world of selfcare with Youvana by Svarasya and walk the path of agelessness"

Who is Ageless?

Agelessness belongs to those who transcend biological numbers, modern fads, and norms.

Those who concentrate on raising pranic vibrations are ageless.

Those who learn the art and science of tapping into one's own inner healing abilities are ageless.

Age has no bearing on the person who realises his or her full potential.

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Youvana speaks the language of ancients to achieve a state of agelessness!

The Five Paths To Agelessness

Yoga at Home

Yogic Path to Agelessness

In Yoga, ageless is that who understands internal processes that enhance one’s energy and vitality and that who makes informed choices for internal transformation. Asana, pranayama & meditation is the art and science of knowing and healing the self at body, mind and consciousness level. Yogic path to agelessness is about living the self deep-down under the skin with deep understanding and dedicating self to Yogic practices! Hatha, Ashtanga, Yin and Restorative forms of Yoga are based on a scientific approach to bring about chemical and physiological changes that also impact the psychological changes to slow down aging drastically. 

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The Foundation of Youvana

Deepti Sehgal and her Ancient Lifestyle Ideology


Deepti Sehgal is the founder of Svarasya and is deeply passionate about awakening and empowering people on how to live their best life ever. She emphasizes much on the importance of being connected to our innate healing powers to heal inside-out. She strongly believes our body-mind complex is one and deeply impact each other. 
Deepti is an internationally certified Macrobiotic and alkaline diet & lifestyle consultant & amongst very few Macrobiotic practitioners in India. She is a qualified clinical nutritionist, health educator in raw and living foods, master’s degree holder in Yoga and science of living, certified Hatha and Yin Yoga teacher, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda Lifestyle consultant, ICF Certified Holistic Health and Wellness Coach, corporate wellness coach and an author. 
Deepti brings her passion of educating about ‘Ageless Living’ to life with ‘Youvana the ageless’ ancient lifestyle online studio, a knowledge space by Svarasya, to impart awareness about ways to live your best wellness potential with right dietary choices, right lifestyle practices conscious selfcare techniques and a positive outlook. Her ideology of ‘Ageless Living’ is based on the principles of global ancient wisdom driven from her knowledge and experience of 10+ years in global ancient sciences.
Deepti deals in various holistic theories related to food, diet, yoga, skincare & holistic lifestyle. Her dietary practice revolves around whole & natural foods & is a medley of ancient food principles adopted from the oldest ancient cultures of the world including Macrobiotics, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Yoga Science. She creatively blends right foods & right yogic principles to create holistic health programs.

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