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7 Days of Beauty Cleanse

Online program to create a strong beauty inside-out foundation for radiance and abundant energy!

This is your chance to get to the depths of your beauty!

If you wish to look and feel ageless and intend to become prettier, youthful, radiant, joyful, and energetic with each passing year, this program is for you! You inherently possess all the power to look and feel great at any age because being ageless and radiant is your natural way of being.

Most women shy away from feeling and looking their best due to body, hair and skin concerns like acne, oily skin, early aging, crow’s feet, wrinkling, pigmentation, sagging skin, dark circles, bloating, premature greying of hair, hair loss and weight fluctuations. Additionally, hormonal shifts in distinct phases of life take a huge toll on skin, and hair quality gets thinner and drier, weight issues become tougher to deal with and phases of low energy begin to set in. However, most women seldom investigate their highly aging diet and lifestyle and lack of selfcare as the primary cause of their aging body and beauty.

For an ageless persona you ought to look beyond fads and get to the root of what deteriorates you from within. A toxic, unclean, internally blocked body is at the back of accelerated aging and it all shows-up as aging signs on the skin, body,and hair. If you are tired of endless solutions that did not work for you, this course is an invitation to try something deep to naturally elevate your beauty quotient at the root-level!


NOV 19 - 25





About The Program

This 7 Days of Beauty Cleanse program is based on the concept of

Five-Beauty Dimensions of Svarasya driven from ancient teachings of:

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The program is designed on the underlying philosophy that ‘Clean and Free-Flowing Body is an Ageless Body and Mind!  The program is smartly packed with approach, wisdom, and knowledge to create a strong beauty foundation. This integrative beauty cleanse online schedule includes 7 days of anciently designed dietary and lifestyle discipline and educational sessions that will guide you through physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of beauty, skin, hair, and weight. In the program, you will experience and learn beauty as a different and deep-rooted phenomenon and why this approach is the ONLY PERMANENT and 100% natural approach to ageless you.

Yoga | Ayurveda | TCM | Macrobiotics | Raw Food Philosophy | Qi Gong

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Program Inclusions

days of beauty cleanse food plan based on Macrobiotic and raw food principles.

days of beauty lifestyle plan aligned with laws of nature, Yogic and Ayurveda cleansing practices and selfcare rituals.

days of theme based led Hatha Yoga class for stimulating circulation and detoxifying beauty organs for deep inner glow combined with beauty breaths, radiance-enhancing deep relaxation and meditation.

days of Yin Yoga to support deep-relaxation of beauty organs. This Yoga flow works at the fascia level to support youthful skin internally.

Information on natural herbs, spices and supplements for extra beauty edge.

Ancient anti-aging skincare guidance to support radiant skin head to toe along with beautifying selfcare and bathing techniques that can take your beauty to the next level.

Like-minded community to support you in your journey of beauty cleanse and beyond. If you wish you live this lifestyle further to bring about transformational changes in skin, hair and weight gradually, being a part of this community will be your strong support.

Intended to help you reset your beauty at physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level, with this program we make you live a highly beautifying and anti-aging lifestyle under guidance that helps you achieve a clean and free flowing internal state. You will also be empowered with phenomenal information and knowledge about the art and science of this lifestyle as the most powerful way to take back the control of how you look and feel. The program will empower you with a strong knowledge and foundation in a daily-routine format to support radiant skin, lustrous hair, beauty, vitality, energy, magnetism, radiance, joy, magnetism and ageless persona. 


Women and men of all age groups.


This program is not a quick-fix or a fad-diet program. This program is a beauty lifestyle program based on a deep-rooted phenomenon of keeping the body internally and externally clean to slow down aging drastically.

How Does This Work?

In the program you live, experience, learn, connect, and communicate all about beauty inside-out with Svarasya. 

The program runs in two simultaneous modes:


Where you incorporate daily dietary, lifestyle and rituals schedule shared by us in mail and on WhatsApp.

Online Live Zoom Sessions

Learn from experts from the comfort of your homes.

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Program Schedule

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Session Details

Orientation Session:

We will equip you with the tools, techniques, and information that you need to get started on this seven-day beauty cleanse. You will have a day to procure necessary ingredients for the diet program to run smoothly.

We shall share:
Program Introduction + Diet & Lifestyle Guidelines + Meal preparation guidelines + Supporting E-Booklets (Recipe E-Booklet + List of ingredients + Diet & Lifestyle Schedule)

Hatha Yoga Class + Pranayama + Relaxation 

Hatha Yoga Open Class: Experience deep detox + sense of release + sense of openness with pranayama + deep relaxation with Hatha Yoga flow.

Daily practice of 12-Asanas + Kapalabhati + Anuloma Viloma + Relaxation

Required: Yoga mat & set-up against the wall. Wear loose cotton clothing. 

Yin Yoga for Beauty Systems:

The session will cover Yin Yoga to improve the flow of ‘Chi’ through meridian channels passing through different beauty organs including stomach/spleen, liver/gall bladder, kidney/urinary bladder, heart/small intestine, lungs/large intestine, pericardium.

Required: Yoga Mat + Yoga Blocks and/or Bolster/Cushions 

Face Yoga:

The session will cover face yoga practices to support facial muscles for youthful appearance.

Journaling and Gratitude Session:

The journal and gratitude session is where you learn to channelize your mental faculties to set the tone of the program and have a clear disciplined direction to live this beauty lifestyle successfully.

Art and Science of Journaling + Perspective of Gratitude + Impact of Journaling and Gratitude on Body and Mind.

Required: Journal Diary + Pen

Beauty Inside-Out Education Sessions:

Beauty from ancient perspective at physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Holistic approach to get rid of confidence-ruining skin conditions like acne, pigmentation, aging signs, psoriasis, eczema, hair loss, weight fluctuations and others.

Community Connect  

Last session of the program will be a community connect for sharing experiences and discussing the way forward if you intend to live this beauty lifestyle longer to see sustainable results.